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Introducing solids – Week Three: Allergens

Slow is probably the best word I’d use to describe how weaning has gone this week. From how well Joshua started, I expected him to be lapping up everything I offer him by this stage, but unfortunately, he’s not! He’s been pretty much disinterested in purées or mashed food the whole week. Most evenings I’ve […]


Introducing solids – Week Two

After this second week of weaning I feel like we’re now getting the hang of this. . . not necessarily Joshua but more me! I’m still getting used to the idea of another mouth to feed and planning what food I’ll give him each night. Near the end of our second week, I also introduced […]


Introducing solids – Week One

The first week of weaning is the beginning of a whole new adventure in the life of our babies and a new season in our lives too. Suddenly we need to factor in food preparation, meal times and try to fit even more into our change bags! Depending on our previous experience this might be […]