Author: Danielle


How to introduce solids: Day One

Is it just me or does the idea of choosing your baby’s first food feel like a big decision? Despite there being the obvious bad choices. . . like cake or chocolate, there are many good options. The most common foods to start with are baby rice, fruit and vegetables, and it just comes down […]


Our unofficial start to weaning!

So, this happened last week . . . I gave Joshua my nearly 5 month old a piece of cooked red pepper. And I have to admit it was totally unplanned! I hadn’t decided when I would start weaning him onto solids, but didn’t plan to start this way! I started weaning my oldest son […]


Our weaning journey

My youngest son, Joshua is 4 months old. It’s a fun age where he’s smiling and laughing a lot and most nights sleeping pretty well (for a baby!). The new born unsettledness and crying for unknown reasons have passed and now suddenly it’s time to think about weaning!  Over the next few months as I […]


Is my child getting enough calcium?

This is a question I’ve been asked numerous times as a Dietitian and one I’ve asked myself nearly as many times as a mum. Calcium is an essential nutrient in our diets and in this post we’ll explore why it’s important, what foods are good sources of calcium and how to check your kids are […]